Target Practice – Rona for the win

  Today, being not too particularly cold, I had to go into the city to get printer ink. I usually put off city trips but on this occasion I decided I would bring Isis. She seems to get better treatment than the others. Its only because she is the only[...] Read More →

30 Things

30 Things I have learned about dogs in 2013 I think with the weather being as cold as it is, I decided to do another blog. Even if dogs are given exactly the same food, they want what the other has Some dogs find it embarrassing to wear diapers When[...] Read More →

Welcome to the New Year

Well, the holiday season is over and its back to the regular grind. Here in Saskatchewan we have been plagued with extreme cold weather, and extreme wind chill warnings with temperatures dipping into the -50′s. I’ll have to admit, I did take advantage of the “holidays”  and cold weather. Stayed[...] Read More →

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at Arsenal K9!! [gmedia id=1]    

To eat or not to eat? That is the question

MMMMMMM….. Its been pretty cold the last few days, making outdoor training a bit difficult. I am a bit of a pansy when it comes to -47 and tend not to go outside. I think the dogs appreciate that as well. Except for Banner. If there is food or bones[...] Read More →

T-I-Double Guh-ERR

Dogs can do Muscle ups! Although there is a winter storm threatening, It was a mild tempature today. -22 degrees with the wind made for a somewhat comfortable day for training. I started out at Armour of the Land kennels for a training session with Hades, Bookher, and a rare[...] Read More →

Rogue and the Children

Read what happens when a Presa encounters live, human children!!  Yesterday, I travelled to my home town to visit family and decided to bring Rogue. My brother and his wife and kids were visiting from out of province. When we arrived, it was only my mother and sister and law there[...] Read More →

Presa Playground

Presa Playground   This will be the second blog of mine. Since the last blog, I have been advised that storyline editing is a must, due to the “descriptiveness” of the previous subject matter, so, regretfully you will not be privy to my raw Shakespearian like narrative. Depending on the[...] Read More →

Colder Weather

November 21, 2013 Since the days have become shorter and A LOT colder, training time has decreased some. With Isis in heat, and the -29 degree days, caring for the 3 dogs has gotten a bit more difficult. We have decided not to breed Isis this time around due to[...] Read More →